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10 Things to Know About Travel Intentions in 2021

With summer now in full swing, travel is on the agenda for consumers across the globe. In fact, research from YouGov indicates that 77% of global consumers are planning to travel in the next 12 months. While this is welcome news for the travel and hospitality industries after the losses suffered during the pandemic, the reality is that some consumers are much more eager to venture out—and apt to spend—than others.

Below, we take a look at some of the findings from YouGov’s research to understand what consumers are looking for, the barriers that might prevent them from travel, where they intend to go, and more.

  1. Out of the three-in-four global consumers planning to travel in the next year, 57% plan to take two or more trips. Overall, this is indicative of a healthy appetite to travel, but it should be noted that 19% said they don’t know how much they’ll be traveling yet. This speaks to a lingering uncertainty around travel restrictions—and life in general—that could be causing consumers to hesitate when booking their next trip.
  2. What are some of the biggest barriers in the minds of global travelers? Above all else, health risks (48%) and travel restrictions (35%) pose the biggest problems for would-be travelers, but price—both for travel itself (31%) and for accommodations (21%)—is a creeping concern amidst rising commodity prices.
  3. Of course, these barriers differ based on type of travel, too. While domestic travelers are more concerned about the price of travel and health risks, those who are planning travel abroad are more willing to accept those risks. Instead, the main source of apprehension for those traveling abroad is the lack of clarity around issues such as vaccine certification or testing procedures.
  4. Which generation is most likely to travel in the next year? Look no further than the experience-seeking Millennials—they account for 51% of domestic travel plans for the coming year and 55% of international travel. They are followed most closely by Gen X, accounting for 24% and 22% of domestic and abroad travel, respectively.
  5. Overall, the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers are the least likely to travel in the next year. While, in many cases, these were the first age groups to receive vaccinations, there seems to be a hesitancy with respect to returning to travel. They may require more assurance in terms of safety and consistency in protocols before venturing out for their next big trip.
  6. In the United States, specifically, half of consumers intend to travel domestically for vacation in the next year—a far cry from the 30% lows that were seen in December and January. Likewise, the number of Americans who plan to travel internationally—whether for business or pleasure—is at its highest level since prior to the pandemic.
  7. In its research, YouGov asked American travelers to self-identify within distinct travel groups, including Luxury, Budget/Value, Responsible, Adventurous, All-Inclusive/Package, and Weekend. While Budget/Value travelers are the largest segment, brands would be wise to pay attention to the Luxury travelers. They’re the most likely to travel both domestically (68%) and abroad (35%) in the coming year.
  8. Responsible Travelers are the second largest segment. What does responsible travel entail? In response to the climate crisis and overtourism, these consumers are looking to limit their carbon footprint and be more intentional in their spending throughout their travels. Millennials (53%) and Gen X (22%) represent the majority of this segment.
  9. What factors impact Responsible Travelers when making their travel decisions? Compared to the average traveler, they are more likely to value cultural/historical sites near their destination (+6 points), as well as the sustainability and conservation policies (+5).
  10. Where are American travelers most excited to visit, both domestically and abroad? Check out the top destinations under consideration in the table below:
Top Travel Destinations Among U.S. Travelers
Domestic Abroad
Florida Canada
Hawaii UK
New York Italy
California Australia
Arizona France


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Source: “International Travel & Tourism Report 2021.” YouGov (May 2021).

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