Maximize Results by Combining Experiential and Influencer Marketing

Having trouble growing your brand? Combining experiential and influencer marketing strategies might just be what your campaign is missing. Marketers have long segmented events and social, allotting each a distinct budget and entrusting the roles to different teams. But they are even more powerful when combined.

According to a study by Activate, 62% of marketers are planning to expand their influencer marketing budgets this year. At the same time, a report into event marketing trends says that experiential marketing is also receiving a boost, with 41% of marketers judging it as their top channel. By combining these two marketing mediums, you don’t need to settle for partnering with one stellar celebrity. Instead, you can combine microinfluencers with your unique live experiences to amplify the effects of each.

Want to learn more about how you can create a more integrated brand experience? Head to Social Media Explorer to hear what our Founder and CEO, Jeff Snyder, has to say.


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