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The Inspiration Equation = How Applying EQ x IQ Unlocks Business Opportunity

Fast Company notes that “Intellectual Quotient, or IQ, determines our level of reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Emotional Quotient, or EQ, determines our ability to recognize, differentiate, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others.” 

But what if the secret ingredient behind breakthrough thinking is evolving the “E” in “EQ” to reflect our empathy quotient – measuring our ability to understand and respond to the needs of others?

Being smart involves both sides of the brain: logic and emotion — working in harmony to reflect the total landscape of what true holistic innovation can offer. 

When combined, the power of the joined mindset of empathetic needs and intelligent solutions can yield amazing outcomes in business. A 2021 Businessolver study found that 84% of CEOs and 70% of employees believe empathy drives better business outcomes. What if that empathy is compounded with the strength of business intelligence as a must-have formula for better outcomes?

At Inspira Marketing, we believe in a central inspiration equation, EQ x IQ, as our cornerstone to breakthrough thinking. 

How and why does this inspiration equation work? 

It’s in creating a common language through the inspiration equation that we strengthen collaboration, accountability and ownership. 

Our roots are in experiential marketing. A hallmark of experiential is engaging consumers through all five senses to gauge their reactions, connections and engagement. As we’ve expanded to integrated marketing, staying connected to audiences continues to be the glue that holds our differentiation together. We listen, ask, experiment, evaluate and evolve forward as a core operating principle. It’s who we are expressed by how we deliver: creatively, uncommonly and authentically as innovators.

Staying true to business intelligence and audience empathy push us to new heights and possibilities. This is especially true when thinking about measurement. An initial EQ x IQ premise set up opportunities for pre- and post-engagement testing, setting benchmarks that can be helpful guideposts for what success looks like.

In our case studies and evaluation of each client initiative, you’ll see the inspiration equation at work. 

How can a combination of business intelligence and empathy propel your business goals forward? We love a new challenge. Contact us and let’s brainstorm how EQ x IQ can benefit you!

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