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What Marketers Need to Know About Gen Alpha and Zillennials

In one of our most popular articles, we looked at Millennials and Gen Z from a marketer perspective: what they like, how they spend their money, and where we can reach them with our messaging. 

This week we’re turning the spotlight on two lesser-known but up-and-coming generational cohorts. Generation Alpha is rising right now, and will soon be the largest generation in the world. And we’re examining the “Zillennial” micro-generation, a small but mighty group of consumers with disposable income and a love for the finer things in life. 

Who Are Generation Alpha and the Zillennials?

“Generation Alpha and the Zillennials” may sound like the worst band name of all time, but they’re just a generation and a micro-generation that haven’t been fully served by most marketing discussions. We aim to fix that by putting some faces to the names.

Generation Alpha Alex

Alpha Alex

Gen Alpha Alex was born between 2010 and 2025, and she’s the child of a Millennial. The generation name didn’t come from wolfpacks or gym bros, no: it simply follows after Gen Z and cycles back around to the front of the alphabet again. 

Alpha Alex will have 2 billion fellow Gen Alphas by 2025, when the generation cap ends. That is a huge group, whose oldest members are 13 and already coming into cultural relevance. By 2025, they will be the largest generation, taking the crown from their Millennial parents.

Alex may not have a job yet, but she’s already getting access to her Millennial parents’ wealth, which is estimated to be a combined 2.5 trillion dollars for the entire generation.

Zillennial Zack


Zillennial Zack is part of an important micro-generation, one sitting naturally between Millennials and (you guessed it) Generation Z. Zillennial Zack and his cohort were born between 1990 and 2000, and represent at least 30 million people

One of the reasons why this “in-between” group exists is because of their brief but unique position in history. In the same way many older Millennials remember a time before the internet, Zillennials remember a childhood before smartphones and social media. 

Zillennial Zack lives at home with his parents and isn’t spending his money on a mortgage or rent. In essence, his entire income is disposable. 

What Do These Generations Like?

Generation Alpha Alex

Alex wants to support brands that are changing the world for the better. When asked, 66% of Generation Alpha respondents said they want to spend money on companies making a “positive difference.” That same study showed that 67% of surveyed Alphas want a career that helps them “save the planet.” 

Marketers who want to reach what will soon be the largest generation in history will need to start showing how their brand is lending a hand. 

Zillennial Zack

Zillennial Zack plays more video games than his Gen Z counterpart, and he plays them on his XBox or his Playstation. Zack has more work/life balance than Gen Z Genesis as well: he’s far less likely to work remotely while on vacation. 

Like his Gen Z and Millennial brothers and sisters, Zack loves luxury products. Zack has a “live in the now” perspective, and wants to use the money he does have to treat himself. Experience is a key driver where Zillennial Zack spends his time and money.

How Do We Reach Gen Alpha and Zillennials?


Generation Alpha Alex

Generation Alpha is the most diverse generation in US history, and they don’t just want to see diverse representation: they expect it. 

Marketers looking to reach Alpha Alex need diverse voices in their marketing and on their team. A broader team means a wider pool of ideas, which will be the only way to find the right messaging for Gen Alpha. 

When it comes to where Alex hears about products, she’s getting most of her purchase ideas from influencers. According to the Wunderson Thompson study we linked above, 55% of Generation Alpha respondents want to buy the products and services used by the Instagram and YouTube personalities they watch.

Marketers investing in influencer strategy are future-proofing their brand. Marketers for teen-oriented products are ensuring their present.

Zillennial Zack

Zack spends a lot of time online and engaged with social media. 

He’s also fairly open to sharing his data: fully 7 out of 10 of his fellow Zillennials are willing to part with their data if they believe they’re getting something in return. 

In fact, Zack is always online, with some studies showing that he and his peers spend five hours a day on average on a smartphone and eight total on the internet. It’s where they start, investigate, and end their entire purchasing journey. But it’s made him a savvy shopper who understands security, too. 

41% of Zillennials are willing to abandon an online purchase if the store either doesn’t have or is slow with two-factor authentication.

To reach Zack, marketers need to meet him online, integrate their stores with his purchase apps like Zelle and Venmo, and they need to have a strong social media campaign to get his attention.

Quick Takeaways on Zillennials and Gen Alpha


Let’s recap how these generations differ from their peers, and what marketers need to know.

Gen Alpha is:

  • Diverse
  • Gigantic
  • Looking for Positive Change

Zillennials are:

  • YOLO-centric
  • Small but Spendy
  • Always Online

To learn more about creating social media strategies to reach these groups, or how to host experiences that grab their attention, shoot a message or question to Inspira Marketing today.

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