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Café Bustelo

Café Bustelo Pop-up Tour

The Challenge

Though well-known for its Cuban-style espresso products, Café Bustelo wanted to test its go-to-market strategy for a physical retail store in a number of key markets.

Our Strategy & Activation

We wanted a unique way to hit multiple markets and build buzz for Café Bustelo, so we transformed a shipping container into a mobile, pop-up retail store. But our vibrant, yellow café offered more than just caffeine and Cuban pastries. We also delighted customers with flamenco dancers and commissioned local artists to create murals in each city. For everyday consumers and local influencers, the café offered an authentic Café Bustelo experience in a share-worthy setting.

The Café Bustelo Pop-Up Café was recognized at the 2020 Pro Awards with Bronze for the Best Local/Regional Campaign.