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Jeep had mass awareness among attendees as a 16-year sponsor of the Winter X-Games. But its on-site presence had become all too familiar, while complex mountainside logistics led to a decline in engagement. How to get targeted consumers behind the wheel while educating, exciting, and ultimately driving sales leads?
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

Get thousands of targeted consumers behind the wheel of a Jeep while educating, exciting, and ultimately driving sales leads for dealers.
EQ Our Mindset Model and interviews with past attendees determined that X-Game fans are adrenaline junkies. They are adventurous in their pursuit of sports and the outdoors and support brands they view as authentic.
IQ For several years, Jeep vehicles had not had any big news or major innovations. Because their business objective was to increase brand love and drive dealer traffic, we knew we had to re-ignite passion for Jeep while creating brand relevance and ensuring consideration through a behind-the-wheel experience. Data shows that consumers are 80% more likely to purchase when they test drive a vehicle.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

Deliver a compelling customer experience that transported the imagination and re-instilled brand passion while embodying the spirit of the games.

The Concept

To tap into our audience, we created the Jeep “Champion of Adventure” experience. Fans stepped inside a 30-foot geodesic dome and hopped into a virtual Jeep immersive test drive. Once nestled into the heated seat of the legendary Jeep Wrangler, an immersive 4-D, 4-minute mountain drive adventure began. Our team conceived and produced the riveting 360° panoramic cinematic film experience. From snowy mountains to desert hills, through the rough terrain of mountain trails, the journey culminated off-road against a spectacular sunset.

The trip was a 360° treat for the senses, complete with blowing wind and the scents and sounds of nature. Following the film, fans were invited to meet and greet X-Game athletes, customize leather Jeep keychains, and get behind the wheel of a Wrangler to start dreaming of their Jeep adventures in real life. Data capture provided dealer leads.

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Inspira Results

The “Champion of Adventure” activation was the most-awarded auto-activation of 2020:

CS_Jeep_Logo_Ex Awards

Ex Winner at the 2020 Ex Awards for Best Millennial/Gen Z

Campaign Gold at the 2020 Ex Awards for Best Sports Activation

CS_Jeep_Logo_Reggie Awards

Gold at the 2020 REGGIE Awards for Best Sports or Esports Marketing Campaign

Bronze at the 2020 REGGIE Awards for Best Small Budget Brand Activation

CS_Jeep_Logo_Pro Awards

Gold at the 2020 Pro Awards for Best Sports or Sponsorship Tie-In

Silver at the 2020 Pro Awards for Best Use of AI/VR/AR

CS_Jeep_Logo_Experience & Technologies Awards

Gold at the 2020 Experience Design & Technology Awards for Best Use of A/V

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