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Waterloo Sparkling Water, a challenger brand with negligible penetration and share, needed an authentic positioning and platform to differentiate it from well-funded competitors. While the category promoted indistinguishable functional benefits, Waterloo needed a breakthrough message to connect with consumers and retailers on a deeper, more meaningful level.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

How do we meaningfully differentiate Waterloo in a commodity category? Establish a distinctive brand positioning, brand identity, and brand marketing campaign to introduce Waterloo to consumers and retailers.
EQ We identified a core consumer target audience of “Life Tasters” through our Mindset modeling. Defined as highly engaged, sensorial, stimulation-seeking consumers, they strongly desire to express their authentic individuality and creativity.
IQ Our brand foundation and strategic discovery process determined that there were 167+ million US adults who were sparkling water consumers. Overlaying our Mindset Model, we identified that 27% (44.5 million) of US adults were Life Tasters and that 43% (19 million) were sparkling water consumers. The marketing budget could not support a competitive voice among the 19 million as a challenger brand. However, we could afford to meaningfully target the 6 million Life Tasters in our top 5 markets.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

Create an integrated marketing campaign that celebrates that Waterloo is for people who want to live their best lives and are willing to take the less-traveled road to get there.

The Concept

We crafted a brand positioning, identity, and introductory brand-awareness campaign through the creative platform “WATERLOO “ to differentiate and connect with those who do things their way. WE SIP DIFFERENT.”

Inspira led the IAT to create a marketing and execution plan highlighting how Waterloo sipped differently, functionally and emotionally. Core plan components included:

Paid Digital Media – our media strategy delivered a concentration of Life Tasters in targeted markets with high retail distribution.

Social Media – our strategy and content calendar engaged with a more authentic, 1:1 conversation.

Influencer Marketing – our influencer strategy, content direction, inspiration, and creative assets encouraged authentic storytelling and significant engagement with the brand.

Brand Experience – we set the strategy and created content to ensure that brand essence was communicated at in-market sampling events and sponsorship activations.

Shopper Marketing – our retail strategy and creative approach delivered the brand look and feel, plus messaging, so it was consistent across all retailers.

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