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Allswell, a Walmart-owned direct-to-consumer new mattress brand, wanted to allow consumers to try its mattresses and bedding IRL and build awareness for the brand.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

Would you buy a mattress without trying it first? Most consumers say no. Low awareness of Allswell and the direct-to-consumer proposition made it challenging to convert online shoppers, even with the “100 Nights Risk-Free Trial.” So how can we facilitate a meaningful IRL experience to win over consumers?
EQ Our research confirmed our instincts that sleep is critical to a person’s health and well-being. And each person believes their sleep comfort is unique and very personal. We also confirmed that mattress shopping isn’t fun because pushy sales tactics at retail mattress shops often leave consumers feeling pressured to buy, even when they’re not ready to do so.
IQ We found that only 18% of U.S. adults plan to buy their next mattress online, while younger consumers were more likely than those over 55 to purchase online. Almost a quarter of those 25-54 said they intend to buy online, while only 11% of those over 55 would purchase online.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

Make the experience of trying before buying as disarming, entertaining, and pleasurable as possible so that the consumer’s conversion to sales becomes a foregone conclusion.

The Concept

We conceived the Allswell Tiny Home Tour, which visited shopping centers, parks, and other hot spots in 17 cities over 13 weeks. Our team designed and constructed a magnificent tiny home to showcase Allswell to try the Allswell and Allswell Luxe mattresses in this unique, unexpected environment. We also offered tasty treats from local sweet shops and a fun Instagram photo engagement. To entice data capture for the email nurture campaign, we allowed consumers to reach into the ‘Dream Jar’ and pick out a discount code for up to 20% off a mattress purchase.

Additionally, Inspira established strategic partnerships with local influencers and iHeartRadio to build awareness for the Tour. At the same time, earned media helped shine a light on the Tiny Home Tour for a national audience. The Tour generated significant media buzz for the brand with placements in House Beautiful, Forbes, Brit + Co, and Refinery29. Notably, we utilized testimonial content captured by our Brand Ambassadors in an email marketing campaign and on social channels to enhance customer satisfaction.

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