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Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services. With a variety of exclusive scripted content and reasonable monthly fees, there are few platforms that can match its value. Hulu offers high-quality originals, plus a variety of extras such as HBO and Showtime. It boasts more than 44 million subscribers and 5,000+ titles, as of January 2023. Viewership skews older. In order to grow its subscriber base, Hulu needed to showcase the breadth of their programming to a new and younger audience.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

All of the programming was represented on their owned social media. Given that each program has a different vibe, audience, and community, how do so we authentically represent the appropriate tone and voice for every message for each program featured on social media, thus making it relevant and worthy of following?
EQ The scripted programming is vast and varied. So, we first had to watch a lot of it. This provided us with the basis of understanding the audience appeal, the inside jokes, and the cast of characters for each show. Coupled with this knowledge, Hulu shared the proprietary viewership data which afforded us context regarding the audience composition for each program. Armed with this data we were able to fine tune the voice of our messaging so that it was as inclusive as possible.
IQ Only 6% of Gen Z subscribe to Hulu, according to YouGov.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

We must embrace the chaos of choice. The vast array of programming is our strength and the source of our appeal. Only by showcasing this can we secure a younger audience.

The Concept

Just like the TV app, Hulu’s social media had to represent many titles all at once. We had to present the seemingly unlimited content in a way that could be understood by all followers.

On a brand level, there were strong elements to incorporate into all content that could be wrapped into a Hulu cocoon. This strategic approach allowed us to align Deadpool next to RuPaul’s Drag Race and tell a consistent Hulu brand message while communicating the program message.

With a solid strategy around how we could approach telling the story behind each program, we split all the content creation into two messages per piece. First, we delivered the show message, which ranged from preview clips to memes to keep the content inviting and intriguing. Next, we wrapped it in the Hulu brand and presented it in a cool, relevant, fun context.  And, it worked! We grew Hulu’s Instagram followers by 325%, from 400,000 to 1.7 Million.

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