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Coca-Cola Retail Support


Coca-Cola needed to support independent take-out restaurants, stores, and delivery restaurants throughout COVID. These outlets required digital content to help them reach their existing customers, as well as acquire new customers. Specifically, promoting the food they serve and the pairing with Coca-Cola products was viewed as critical to their business success through this especially challenging situation.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

Every independent account has varying expertise with regard to the creation and leveraging of creative assets for their digital media channels like Grub-Hub, Yelp, and their social media channels. So how can we provide them with a broad array of digital content that meets Coca-Cola brand standards and accommodates their individuality?
EQ Coca-Cola products are iconic and provide a sense of comfort to consumers as they navigate the uncertainties of COVID. Pairing Coca-Cola products with the favorite menu items from local establishments enhances and simplifies the menu selection and ordering process for customers.
IQ Online prepared food ordering surged during the pandemic. Consumers turned to third-party apps and sources, e.g., Grub-Hub, Yelp, as they looked to order from their favorite locales. 97% of adults have a favorable view of Coca-Cola beverages, according to YouGov.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

The ability to drive sales for family businesses during COVID is critical to their survival. Coca-Cola products can enhance their ability to attract customers and provide for an upsell for each and every order.

The Concept

Inspira conceived of a digital asset portal to seamlessly provide a wide array of templated digital assets for these independent business accounts to use for promoting their menus. The templated creative assets elevated the content creation and allowed individuality while ensuring that the Coca-Cola branding met brand standards. All of their digital content needs could be quickly and easily assembled to deploy their in-bound messaging.

Many platforms were considered and tested before landing on our customized version of Filecamp. This platform was selected for the portal based on its ability to present the ideal user experience for the accounts. Notably, we customized the platform to align with the internal Coca-Cola tech stack which allowed for the integration of key creative assets from their library database. From the first introductory email to introduce the new digital asset platform, Coca-Cola saw a tremendous response. Once account managers guided each account regarding the benefits of this new tool, platform subscriptions continued to rise.

The platform is now a standard element that these independent business owners use to market their establishments and drive orders.

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