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3 Ways Brands are Reshaping the Customer Experience

  • By Rob Patterson
  • October 23, 2019

According to CB Insights, the term ‘customer experience,’ as well as other variations of it, was mentioned a record 2,710 times during earnings calls in the third quarter of 2019. While this an abnormal statistic, to say the least, it speaks to the fact that brand executives are fully aware of the importance of experience in 2019. After all, the better experience you provide for the consumer, the more likely it is that you’ll retain their loyalty over the long run. Read More

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For 4th Year, Warriors for a Cure Aims to Lead U.S. in Cancer Research

  • By George Eoanou
  • October 16, 2019

It’s tough to humble a guy who has run the Grand Canyon–twice. Or who ran a 34-mile trail in Iceland this past summer, all the while nursing a torn meniscus. But each September, when Wilton comes together to raise money to fight cancer as the Warriors for a Cure team under his leadership, Wilton resident Jeff Snyder is exactly that. Read More

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3 Ways Millennials are Changing the World of Personal Finance

  • By Rob Patterson
  • October 10, 2019

In recent years, much ink has been spilled over the ways in which Millennials are impacting a variety of industries. While many of those thought pieces have brought attention to the businesses that are struggling due to failure to win over this generation, too few have spent enough energy on understanding the reasons why. As you might expect, money has a lot to do with it. Read More

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How Influencer Marketing Will Change in 2020

  • By Ann D'Adamo
  • October 8, 2019

Brands started to heavily invest in influencers about five years ago. At that time, it was all about the mega-influencer, the creator like Huda Kattan or Aimee Song who had millions of followers and could launch - and sell out - a product on Instagram in a matter of minutes. But, as influencer marketing has evolved, brands have learned that bigger isn’t always better. In the years that have followed, micro- and nano-influencers have played a key role in generating buzz for brands. Read More

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