• Finding Your Brand’s Social Media Voice

    Finding Your Brand’s Social Media Voice

    When MoonPie so boldly told Kaela that she should spell her name with a “y”, we all forgot for a moment that we were witnessing an interaction between consumer and brand. And, when Old Spice tweeted to Taco Bell that their fire sauce was falsely advertised because it didn’t actually contain fire, consumers laughed and rallied from the sidelines. 

  • Employee Spotlight: Allison Young

    Employee Spotlight: Allison Young

    Say hello to the newest addition to the HR team, Allison Young! Allison joins us as an HR Specialist and, given her altruistic nature, it's no wonder why she's a fit for the team. Wanna know more? Read on...

  • 3 Ways Marketers Can Take Advantage of the Holidays

    3 Ways Marketers Can Take Advantage of the Holidays

    For citizens across the globe, the holiday season provides an opportunity to spend time with families, to give back, and to show appreciation for one another.

  • Why Experiential Should Be At the Heart of Business Strategy

    Why Experiential Should Be At the Heart of Business Strategy

    What do Cadillac, Old Spice, and Lego all have in common? They each have had to make a significant business decision that would change the future of their respective brands and put them back into the hearts and minds of consumers.

  • Employee Spotlight: Maureen Jones

    Employee Spotlight: Maureen Jones

    A Connecticut native with an extensive marketing background, Maureen Jones joins our team as Account Director. Her mantra?  Do or do not. There is no try. Get to know more about Maureen below...

  • How CPG Brands Can Benefit from the Pop-Up Shop

    How CPG Brands Can Benefit from the Pop-Up Shop

    The pop-up shop has long been a staple of experiential marketing, piquing interest of passersby all the way from Brooklyn to Beijing. Still, marketing minds across the world continue to design different iterations of these popular experiences. Many of these have come in the form of fashion brands going brick-and-mortar to bring their brands to life, with the likes of Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington and menswear specialist Bonobos among those getting in on the action.

  • Employee Spotlight: Chris Mariani

    Employee Spotlight: Chris Mariani

    In this Employee Spotlight, we spend some time with another member of our HR team, Chris Mariani. Chris is our Manager of Talent Acquisition and comes to us from Priceline.com. Here's a bit more on Chris:

  • Employee Spotlight: Steve Winkel

    Employee Spotlight: Steve Winkel

    Meet Steve Winkel! Steve joins Inspira as the VP of People and Culture. Want to get to know Steve? Read on...

  • Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Litchfield

    Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Litchfield

    Meet the latest addition to our team, Jeremy Litchfield. In addition to working at Inspira, Jeremy owns and runs his own outdoor apparel brand with his wife in his home state of Maine. Want to get to know more about Jeremy? Read on...

  • Three Things to Know from SXSW 2017

    Three Things to Know from SXSW 2017

    SXSW has always been always been a hot topic amongst marketers, and these days, it is no different. However, conversation in recent years has been surrounded by scrutiny. Those who have long made the annual trek to Austin will readily remind you that, “it’s not what it used to be.” Still, as cries from purists and pundits proliferate, the reality is that SXSW still represents a one-stop shop for the up-and-coming trends and technologies — each of which will have a residual effect on how marketers curate the next iteration of experiences for their consumer base.

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