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BIC Us. Retail Launch


The Challenge

Although they’re designed to do one thing — remove unwanted hair — razor brands have long marketed to men and women differently. When they wanted to reach women, they played up beauty stereotypes and benefits. When targeting men, they emphasized machismo and tech benefits. Even disruptive DTC brands have targeted a specific demographic audience. Why? If a razor did its job well, couldn’t it be used by both men and women? That was BIC’s challenge when launching the Us. brand — the first razor designed for both men and women. In fact, BIC wasn’t just launching a new razor, it was introducing an entirely new category: a unisex razor.

Our Strategy & Activation

In addition to the gendered marketing, the razor category has confused shoppers with multiple claims and massive extension proliferation. Us. strategically bucked all of these conventions with its simple, inclusive proposition and benefit communication. For the purpose of a bottom funnel retail launch, we went straight into hero creative development, as it was essential in showing retailers how we would disrupt shoppers and educate them on the role the new product would play in their lives. From there, we partnered with key retailers to launch this new brand and reach shoppers in their specific retail ecosystems. Our omnichannel retail plan pushed shoppers to stores (Digital, Influencer, PR, Radio), encouraged them to pull from shelves (Digital Coupons, In-Store Signage, Register Rewards, Search), and drove repeat purchases (In-Store Signage and Bounceback Rewards). Through these efforts, the Us. brand is building trial and growing market share every week — reaching an all-time share high of 60%.