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Breakfast Like No Other Tour


For over 135 years, Thomas’ English muffins have been a part of the breakfast table. But the world has evolved, and fewer people sit for a full breakfast.
Inspira Challenge

The Challenge

How do we re-introduce Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels as delicious, on-the-go options to start the day? Create awareness and educate about the appropriateness of Thomas’ as a quick option in opportunity markets.
EQ We developed custom quantitative surveys and fielded them to consumers in key Midwest, South, and West markets. Our goal was to uncover consumer perceptions of Thomas’ and essential values to craft marketing messages that would resonate best and motivate consideration and trial.

Survey results determined that for the brand messaging to resonate with consumers, Thomas’ needed to connect with the community.
IQ While 10% of Americans regularly skip breakfast, 60% say it’s their favorite meal, and 66% are craving creative twists on their breakfast menu. And 79% eat breakfast foods for a meal other than breakfast.

In addition, research revealed opportunities for growth in the Midwest, South, and West.
Inspira Inspiration

The Inspirational Insight

Demonstrate that Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels can be the delicious center of a meal at any time of day, but mainly as an on-the-go breakfast.

The Concept

To engage with consumers at local festivals, community events, and retailers, we created the “Thomas’ Breakfast Like No Other Tour”. The centerpiece was a custom-fabricated 28-foot giant toaster and dining experience that traveled to 21 cities over five months and allowed consumers to taste Thomas’. Our strategic approach also included partnering with micro-influencers in each market to amplify Thomas’ messaging platform.

In addition, Inspira trained Brand Ambassadors interacted with consumers and prepared their order of a custom, handcrafted, delicious breakfast sandwich featuring a Thomas’ English Muffin or Bagel.

As consumers waited for their on-the-go sandwich, they could share the experience on social media with a photo op featuring a 7-foot Thomas’ English Muffin. Or they could try the “Toast Your Luck” slot machine-style game to win a branded prize. The dining area featured custom-designed and fabricated high-top tables that resembled stacks of Thomas’ English products.

But the experience didn’t end with the tasty Thomas’ sandwich. Consumers were also treated to outdoor games like cornhole, ring toss, and KanJam – each with its unique Thomas’ twist.

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